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17 Jul 2021 - 06:00 am

XRumer is the multipurpose tool for comprehensive advance on the Internet

The program is capable in short terms to place Your references and announcements more than on 400.000 resources — forums, blogs, guest books, reference catalogs, bulletin boards, social networks .
XRumer bypasses also text protection against robots — questions like "How many there will be 2+2?", "Call the capital of Russia" and so forth.
The program knows more than 170.000 answers to similar questions, arithmetics all is counted mechanically , the knowledge base is replenished every month .
Ample opportunities advance in social networks
Gratuitously the enclosed SocPlugin allows to a descent in 4 social nets —
Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Mamba and Facebook — to distribute messages, comments to a photo and video , to load a photo and video , to distribute invitations in groups and friends — at the same time also on the full automatic machine bypassing everything possible protection against boats and mailings, including kapch.
Set unique developments allows receive very good and fascinating results
Such hi-tech functions, as set thematic mailing "Antispam" (in any the forum is sent the message according to scope of this forum, irrespective of the region and language ), a system "Question-answer" and others — allocate XRumer among the second similar complexes, creating opportunities truly "clever" and also socially necessary mailings.
In long-term to prospect XRumer — favorable investment
If you the owner web shop or Internet service, for certain know as advertizing in Yandex-Directe or Google AdWords. Competently applying the XRumer + Hrefer + SocPlugin complex, you receive a possibility of everything for $10 a month to receive necessary to you target visitors .

Minimum technical requirements
Windows Vista/7/8, 8.1/10 (both 32 bits, and 64 bits);
Windows Server 2012 R2 (but Win Server 2016 and 2019 NOT are recommended!);
The processor from 2 GHz, the RAM from 4 GB;
It is necessary existence high-speed Internet connections without restrictions on traffic.
If you are not aware of recent super-updating of XRumer 19.0.8 + XEvil 5.0 [Beta-6] - run on a forum rather, look through an infa on it, and swing! ;))
Long-awaited an update at last took place, and we already received a set of enthusiastic responses. But this updating generally concerns users of XRumer, in case to you is fascinating only XEvil that you it so far especially does not mention.
And together with it I wish to please you tasty, fresh with set coupons for July: a discount of 45%, until the end of a month!
At acquisition of the program Xrumer 19.0.8 complex use any discount coupon and receive a discount in 45%!!!


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17 Jul 2021 - 03:48 am

Do you work in SEO, SMM, online marketing or work with cryptocurrency?

XEvil is the best tool for decisions kapch with unlimited quantity decisions kapch, without restrictions on quantity of streams and the highest accuracy!
XEvil 5.0 supports more than 12,000 types of images-kapchi, turning on Google captcha, Yandex captcha, Microsoft captcha, Steam captcha, SolveMedia, reCAPTCHA-2 and (YES!!!) Rekapcha-3 also .

1.) Flexibly: you can to adjust logic for non-standard kapchy
2.) Easily: XEvil, press button 1 - and it mechanically will accept kapch from your application or a script
3.) Quickly : 0.01 seconds for simple kapchy, about 20. 40 seconds for rekapchi-2 and about 5... 8 seconds for rekapchi-3

You have an opportunity to use XEvil with any software of SEO/SMM, any analyzer of verification of passwords, any analytical application or any user script:
XEvil maintains the most part known services of an antikapcha of API: 2Captcha.com, RuCaptcha, AntiGate.com (Anti-Captcha), DeathByCaptcha, etc.

Domestic clients save and receive MUCH money!

It is interesting ? Easily find in Google or YouTube of "XEvil" for more information
You look through it - means, it works !

Unique opportunity: it is absolute involuntary a round kapch
The program is capable on an extent posting and registration to distinguish and bypass more than 500 types of popular graphic protection, including such difficult as ReCaptcha, VBulletin-kapcha, DLE капча, a kapcha of VKontakte and Facebook and so forth.

At acquisition of the program XEvil complex use any discount coupon and receive a discount in 45%!!!


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16 Jul 2021 - 01:11 am

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14 Jul 2021 - 11:19 pm

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14 Jul 2021 - 03:50 pm

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14 Jul 2021 - 07:05 am

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14 Jul 2021 - 06:27 am

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14 Jul 2021 - 04:49 am

A-Parser - многопоточный парсер поисковых систем, сервисов оценки сайтов, ключевых слов, контента(текст, ссылки, произвольные данные) и других различных сервисов(youtube, картинки, переводчик...), A-Parser содержит более 90 встроенных парсеров.

Ключевыми особенностями A-Parser является поддержка платформ Windows/Linux, веб интерфейс с возможностью удаленного доступа, возможность создания своих собственных парсеров без написания кода, а также возможность создавать парсеры со сложной логикой на языке JavaScript / TypeScript с поддержкой NodeJS модулей.

Производительность, работа с прокси, обход защиты CloudFlare, быстрый HTTP движок, поддержка управления Chrome через puppeteer, управлением парсером по API и многое другое делают A-Parser уникальным решением, в данной документации мы постараемся раскрыть все преимущества A-Parser и способы его использования.




13 Jul 2021 - 08:48 pm

Профессиональный монтаж напольных покрытий.Обращайтесь всегда рады вам помочь.
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Покраска плинтуса.
Монтаж напольных покрытий
Монтаж паркетной доски на подложку.
Монтаж ламината.
Монтаж винилового ламината
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Монтаж моссивной доски (с готовым покрытием)
Монтаж фанеры.
Монтаж галтелий и наличников.
По другим работам уточняйте!
гарантия на все виды работ.

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